How to get involved



Volunteer today and join in helping EHC assist the poor and spread the good news around the world. Sign up by filling in our short volunteer form.

    Represent us

    Become an EHC representative to promote our work in your church, your community group or your workplace. Help us to raise funds in creative ways:

    • Sell tickets to a dinner party at your home
    • Hold a movie night, showing an EHC video as a trailer
    • Run a coffee morning at work
    • Do a sponsored walk/run
    • Baby sit, clean windows or do gardening
    • Train others in your talent
    • Organise a market stall
    • Dye your hair for sponsorship

    …and donate the proceeds to EHC.

    To recieve a free information pack on EHC and how you can help us to raise funds, please complete this form.