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Help build a high school in India

Posted on Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Here is something very special. In 2005 – 5 years ago – the Love Annupampattu primary school near Chennai, on the east coast of India, was built and paid for without a debt. It was a miracle! God did it! God touched the hearts of His people and they gave in such a generous way, their hearts overflowing with so much love.

But now, after 5 years of the primary school, we have come to understand if we are to give a quality education to these children, we must do more: a high school is needed!

A class of students must now leave us at the EHC primary school for high school and we have become concerned that these children will be lost to all the “love” and the things they have learned over these past 5 years. They can leave and go to a government or a Roman Catholic High School but it will be all so different.
Yes, a high school is needed so these children can continue their education in an atmosphere they have loved. It is also the atmosphere their parents have loved. Just recently we had a meeting for parents and friends at the EHC primary school and some 300 people came.

At first we thought we would limit our EHC involvement to the primary school because the £347,736 needed to build a High School is like a frightening mountain to climb. But we remember what God did for us in 2005 and we are trusting Him.

We know to terminate the children at primary school level means we will not be able to help the children in their high school years at a time they need us the most. It is a step of faith and at the time of writing we have no money.

This India EHC High School will also continue to educate in English. English, as the medium of instruction in schools, is so important. The new and emerging opportunites in India, guided by modern corporations, global giants and big banks, are biased toward English. Many new jobs and many new opportunites in India are
limited to those who communicate well in English.

EHC primary school building in India

The Love Annupampattu primary school was built without any debt

Because of their fluency in English some of these village children will go on to university. Until now they had no such hope. Without it they would most likely be condemned to a life of back-breaking work. Although India’s economy is growing, there are still 304 million illiterate people in India who will spend their days doing back-breaking jobs simply because they are not educated at high school and English.

At this high school there will also be:

  • Vocational training in mechanics, metal work, the building trade and computers for children who can not cope with an education that will take them to university.
  • Community development with adult literacy and sewing classes for adults and training in health and hygiene, AIDs awareness and child birth.
  • A hot lunch! In addition to a free education we will give the children in the new school a free meal. In the past, because of these hot lunches in other EHC schools, we have had doctors examine the children advising us on food and we have seen improvement in the children’s health.

“We then as workers together with God” – 2 Corinthians 6:1

Working together with God is our only hope of building a high school in India.  The £347,736 cost is far more than we could cope with and I know only God can bring this to pass. Every Home for Christ is a rather small organisation and this is the biggest one-time financial appeal we have ever presented.

I was wondering why we should put ourselves under this pressure to raise this £347,736. But in my questioning, I know this is probably the most important thing we can do right now to help the poor.

When I look at the comfort of my life, even with the pressure of being responsible to raise this £347,736, I choose to doing something – rather than doing nothing and watching a world of people live in misery.

India’s illiterate population equals all the people living in the United States of America. Some 304 million people in India can’t read their own name and 456 million people in India have less than 75p a day to feed their families and provide a house to live in.

Knowing this, there is no greater satisfaction than in helping at least “some”. There is no party, no holidays, no pleasure like the pleasure of helping at least a few and knowing the Lord Jesus Christ is pleased. Most important is God’s perspective on the plight of the 456 million poor in India. Building this high school is helping poor people out of poverty and helping young people to have an education and a better life.

Jesus said in Luke 6:30, “Give to everyone who begs of you.” Our immediate reaction is that it is not possible because there is a sense that at least 456 million people in India are begging us. But while 456 million people in India are in need, not all of them have “begged” us. They do not have someone begging on their behalf, but at Every Home for Christ we are begging, asking for a school to help the poor, delivering them from a life-time with nothing and making a way for a good job and possibly university.

Jesus said, “Give to the poor” (Matthew 19:21). Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). Jesus said, “Love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back” (Luke 6:35). Jesus said, “The Good News is preached to the poor” (Matthew 11:5).

Whatever gift you can afford will be greatly appreciated. God will direct you.

Thank you so much.
Eric Leach
Executive Director, EHC