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Saving lives – one mosquito net at a time!

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Five and a half thousand mosquito nets were recently given out in Africa as a result of your gift!

Every Home for Christ Overseas Projects Manager, Aaron Moore, tells us more:

Every year, there are more than 247 million cases of malaria and over one million people killed by the mosquito-borne infectious disease, 90% of those deaths are African children.

These statistics can be hard to fathom when you live in a country where malaria doesn’t even exist.  Imagine getting severely ill, feverish and writhing around in pain on the floor, unable to work or complete simple tasks.

When I visit Africa, I meet with those suffering from Malaria, face to face in their houses.  Without fail, in my visiting week, at least one village will cancel or reschedule their time with me due to a sudden death from Malaria.  For obvious reasons, the family can’t leave the body around and the funeral is held at short notice.

Every Home for Christ just purchased and delivered 5500 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to stop malaria in impoverished villages in Malawi and Zambia, Africa.

Mosquito nets are the most effective means of preventing malaria.  The proper use of insecticide-treated nets combined with prompt treatment of malaria in the community can reduce malaria transmission by 60% and the mortality rate in young children by at least 20%.

Each mosquito net allows for at least two people to sleep under it.  In practice many of the nets will often have three children or a mother, husband and baby under them.  That’s around 15 000 lives protected from malaria over the coming years.

Still, there aren’t enough nets for everyone so Every Home for Christ prioritises who receives a net.  All recipients fall into one of the following 5 categories:

  1. Orphans
  2. Mothers with children under 5
  3. Elderly and widows
  4. HIV/AIDS infected persons
  5. Disabled people

One father said: “We had only one net for seven people in our family.  Thanks to EHC we now have one net for my wife, baby and daughter and one net for the boys.  This will mean we won’t be sick so often, our baby is protected, the children can continue attending school and I can keep working in the farm to grow food.”

Thank you to all those who bought a net for a needy villager!  Net distribution in these villages is a time of smiles and merry-making.  Your gift enabled the impoverished to literally dance upon injustice!

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