Education for 2000 children from the slums of Bangladesh!
his is the core activity in the Every Home for Christ community development program which continues to give men, women and children who live in poverty hope for a brighter future.  Micro-enterprise programs such as the Rickshaw/Van program has provided men with the opportunity to own their own rickshaw or van instead of being forced to pay exorbitant rental fees. This has enabled many  to improve their financial status, pay off their debts and better provide for their families. Sewing classes have trained unskilled women so they can  work in one of the many garment factories in Bangladesh or sew at home to earn an income. Four Every Home for Christ schools, where a large percentage of the village children being educated are girls, provide primary school education, a hot meal each day, clean water and sanitation facilities, school books, school uniforms and new clothes at Christmas,  helping to give these children a sense of worth and importance, essential to their development.  A Physical Education program has recently been introduced.

Funding for this work is provided by Every Home for Christ supporters and the current funding need is to buy land for further education facilities.

National workers take gospel literature home by home to every village in Bangladesh.