Boats on the Amazon reach isolated communities!

There are 9,600 riverside communities along the Amazon River, many of them poor, and most can only be reached by boat. These communities are isolated without any help and often their only hope is in the arrival of the Every Home for Christ boat. Illnesses are mostly treated by the riverside population themselves with homemade medicine, and the most serious cases are transported to the city of Manaus – when possible! In many other situations immediate help is given to those infected by Malaria and other illnesses and we take them food and clothes as well as the necessary medicine to cure their sickness.

Every Home for Christ boats go where other boats cannot go as, in the swamp lands (narrow stretches of rivers, mainly shallow), larger boats can not pass through the vegetation and shallowness of some of these rivers. The reality of the Amazon is that the Every Home for Christ Boat Ministry is indispensable to reach that important area.

Funding for this work is provided by Every Home for Christ supporters and the current funding need is to provide full-time staff to continuously man these boats.