An English education for children from a low-caste village!

What a tremendous opportunity it is for these 200 boys and girls from a poor Indian village. Their parents could never afford to send them to an English-speaking school and their future would have been that of their parents – to live in poverty for their entire life. In 2005 a community development program was commenced near this village by Every Home for Christ with a Primary School at its core and the first class is now preparing for secondary education.
The children are no longer malnourished, they have clean water to drink, sanitation facilities have improved their health and their mothers are being trained in sewing. Many now work in garment factories or run their own “self-help” group. Never had they imagined their lives could improve so much!

Funding for this work is provided by Every Home for Christ supporters and the current funding need is to build an English-medium High School so these children can complete their education.

National workers take gospel literature home by home to every village in India. Funding is needed for this work