Hundreds of farmers now able to care for their families!

In many parts of Zambia, farmers are unable to produce enough food to care for their families and children are suffering from malnutrition. Every Home for Christ has commenced an environmentally-friendly farmer training program, teaching poor subsistence farmers in conservation farming techniques. As a result, harvests have increased and income has been generated, HIV support groups have strengthened community connections in hard times and nutrition classes have opened mothers up to new sources of food such as soya for their children. Some have even gone on to cook and sell their wares to bring in extra income for the family. Every Home for Christ is not only having a great impact on small and underprivileged African communities, but also a lasting one!

Funding for this work is provided by Every Home for Christ supporters and by AusAID and the current funding need is to be able to continue this program for hundreds more needy Zambian families.

National workers take gospel literature home by home to every village in Zambia, forming and discipling Christ Groups made up of new believers. Sponsors are needed so these workers can reach every home with the Gospel!