How to pray for us


We believe we cannot accomplish anything without prayer. It is crucial to release God’s blessing and power on our mission to reach every home for Christ.  We encourage Christians around the world to pray for this work.

World Prayer Map

Our World Prayer Map can help you to pray strategically for a different region every day. The map features all 227 nations of the world broken down into a 31-day prayer calendar. It shows the location of every country with up-to-date information on its leaders and population. It also provides you with general facts on the region, photos and specific prayer points.

You will also receive a step-by-step guide by EHC president Dr Dick Eastman on how to achieve deeper focus and intensity in your prayer time.

Global Wall of Prayer

With our 24/7 global Wall of Prayer, we aim to have Christians in every time zone praying at every hour of the day. Sign up to devote one hour a day (or once a week) for the nations. If you can’t pray an hour, start with 5 minutes. We will email you in three months to ask whether you want to renew the commitment.