What we do


Every Home for Christ equips believers with literature to spread the Gospel to all nations, one home at a time. Like Jesus, we also show compassion practically – through aid projects around the world. And we believe that we can achieve nothing without prayer.

Every Home for Christ

Our approach

In six decades, Every Home for Christ has mobilised churches to spread more than 2.9 billion gospel booklets across the world.

It all started in the garage of a young Canadian pastor, Jack McAlister. In 1946 he launched a radio outreach called Tract Club of the Air, sending tracts in bulk to anyone who asked for them. The vision grew and by 1952 McAlister founded World Literature Crusade – now known as Every Home for Christ.

But the turning point came a year later, when McAlister visited Japan with a fellow missionary. At Tokyo train station they started to hand out gospel pamphlets. But for every person they reached out to, ten slipped by. That night they prayed over maps of Japan, asking the Lord how they could reach every person.

The answer came: one home at a time. Map out the nation, divide it up and find Christians willing to go systematically from village to village, family to family, person to person – missing no-one.

But we cannot do it alone. Instead of sending out missionaries, we equip local Christian leaders with free material to share their faith right where they live. They know the language and customs of their people, and together we can reach many more homes for Christ at a much lower cost.

Today EHC works with more than 500 churches and mission organisations in over 200 countries. We also have about 1,700 full-time staff and 29,000 volunteers to mobilise this army of believers.

Our current president is Dick Eastman, who has led EHC since 1987 after heading an international prayer ministry. He has also written a dozen books on prayer and evangelism.

Ministry highlights

By May 2010, EHC has:

  • Taken 2.9 billion gospel booklets to 1.3 billion homes in 203 countries.
  • Completed total home-to-home coverage at least once in 101 nations, including India and its 600,000 villages. In India alone we reach 50,000 homes with 250,000 residents a day.
  • Printed gospel booklets in languages spoken by 96% of the earth’s population.
  • Received over 83 million response cards from people who have accepted Christ. We now get about 18,000 responses every day.
  • Sent out 91 million discipleship courses. Every new believer gets a four-part Bible correspondence course.
  • Formed more than 140,000 fellowship groups for new Christians in areas where there are no churches.

We also have special plans are underway to reach the world’s 15,000 least-evangelised people groups.

Our mission

Serving the church to reach every home on earth with the gospel.

Every Home for Christ exists to serve the body of Christ in equipping and mobilising believers everywhere to actively participate in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in the whole world, adding new believers as reproducing members of the church to see the literal fulfillment of the Great Commission.

We do this by:

  • Mobilising believers worldwide to pray and give strategically toward this end. (Matthew 9:37-38)
  • Evangelising by systematically going from home to home in every nation on earth. (Acts 5:42)
  • Using the printed page or other repeatable means of communicating the Gospel (e.g. cassettes for the illiterate) to leave an ongoing witness in every home. (Acts 20:20)
  • Planting New Testament fellowships of believers called Christ Groups to establish new converts and continue the work of evangelising others. (Matthew 16:18)
  • Forming strategic alliances with those committed to completing the Great Commission. (Ephesians 4:16)
  • Developing qualified national leadership in every nation for carrying out the mandate of completing the Great Commission. (2 Timothy 2:2)
  • Researching what is necessary to evangelise of every region of the world. (Numbers 13:17-20)
  • Auditing the work regularly to ensure it is done with integrity and that we are communicating properly with all participants in the vision. (Acts 14:22)
  • Healing the nations by encouraging humanitarian work in conjunction with EHC’s home-to-home evangelism. (Isaiah 58:10-12)