All we ask is to be able to feed our children!

In 2002 a disastrous famine hit Malawi and Every Home for Christ sent funds for emergency aid. From this point, a food security project was put into place in the north of Malawi so that, if famine hit again, the people would be more self-sustaining. In close partnership with the Every Home for Christ Malawi director, a program began to train the local village people to farm using modern farming techniques and irrigation methods. Ploughs, hoes, seed (maize and groundnuts), fertilizers and treadle pumps were made available to the selected farmers.

These selected farmers were trained on demonstration plots then went back to their own village and plot of land to farm and to train others. Now, after 8 years, villagers are bringing in harvests over one thousand percent greater than before the project began, malaria cases have dropped by 30 %, diarrhoea cases by 65% and cases of malnourished children by 90%.

Every Home for Christ is not only having a great impact on small and underprivileged African communities, but also a lasting one!

Funding for this work is provided by Every Home for Christ supporters and by AusAID and the current funding need is to be able to continue this program for hundreds more needy Malawian families

National workers known as “Focus leaders”, are being sponsored by Every Home for Christ supporters, taking gospel literature home by home to every village in Malawi, forming and discipling Christ Groups made up of new believers. More sponsors are needed!